Friday, January 14, 2011

The Hamachi server has denied your login request

I ran into this problem after upgrading an older version of Hamachi:

The Hamachi server has denied your login request.

Simple Solution

This page is very popular, so I wrote an application that will reset the Hamachi configuration. The application is the simplest solution, but the steps below do the same job. Download the application here (source is on BitBucket).

You may need to restart your computer after running this program. Please let me know in the comments below whether the application fixes your problem.It looks like this program does not work on all operating systems and fix this error for all people. Your mileage may vary - feel free to contribute to the source code with your own situation.

The way I solved this problem was to delete the Hamachi configuration files. Procmon was able to locate the configuration folders:
  • Depending on your system, one of:
    %WinDir%\System32\Config\SystemProfile\AppData\Local\LogMeIn Hamachi
    %USERPROFILE%\..\LocalService\Local Settings\Application Data\LogMeIn Hamachi
  • And:
    %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\LogMeIn Hamachi
Below are steps you could use to clear the corrupted configuration on Windows.
  1. Start an elevated command prompt. In Windows 7 and Vista, press the Windows key or click on the Start menu, then type cmd into the text field at the bottom of the Start menu. Right click on the cmd icon at the top of the Start menu and click Run as administrator - you will need to either enter an administrator password or accept the dialog that pops up next. If you do this correctly, a black window called the command prompt will pop up.
  2. Copy this command line. Double click the command below to select it, and then press Ctrl+C or right click and select Copy to copy the command into the clipboard of your computer.
    cmd /c rd /s/q "%USERPROFILE%\..\LocalService\Local Settings\Application Data\LogMeIn Hamachi" & rd /s/q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\LogMeIn Hamachi" & rd /s/q "%WinDir%\System32\Config\SystemProfile\AppData\Local\LogMeIn Hamachi"
  3. Run the command line. Paste the command into the black window and hit enter to run it. It should reset your Hamachi configuration files and fix the problem.

Please let me know by commenting below if this works or not for your particular situation, along with the version of Hamachi you are running if you know it.


  1. Didn't work in, tried both manually and with cmd

  2. It looks like the LocalService config files may have moved to the following location in the new version:

    %windir%\System32\Config\SystemProfile\AppData\Local\LogMeIn Hamachi

  3. that little app did the job for me. I had the latest ver installed. don't forget to reboot though! thank you!

  4. Great to know that it's working - thanks for the feedback!

  5. when i clicked the hamachi reset i ran it than it said ENTRY POINT NOT FOUND.

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  6. First it said "Can not find the path specified"
    Then it said "Can not find the file specified

    1. Can you tell me which version of Windows & Hamachi you are running so that I can test?

  7. Wow this worked for me! Thanks for making the little application. I had installed hamachi years ago and there were some settings buried in my comp that were screwing up the new installation.

  8. When I try to run the program, it throws up the following puzzling error:

    HamachiReset.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    The procedure entry point Wow64RevertWow64FsRedirection could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

    I'm not sure what a procedure entry point is, although I am aware of KERNEL32.

    Can you help? :D

    1. Thanks for taking the time to provide this info. I've made a change to the application that should fix the problem, so I would appreciate it if you could let me know if it works for you now.

    2. Ok sorry for taking so long to reply...I'm not sure what you changed, but it does not seem to affect anything on my end -- the same error still pops up when I attempt to use the program. My apologies for not knowing enough code to help you out here. ;)

  9. YEah, unfortunately it isn't working. Too bad. :(

  10. didnt do shit, i have windows 7 and have hamachi
    still tells me "The Hamachi server has denied your login request"