Saturday, March 31, 2012

B1248 LED Name Badge C# / .NET API

I am working on an open source API for the B1248 LED name badge that I got from CodeMania in Auckland, New Zealand. So far, it is possible to send any ASCII message to the device in the first slot, so it is useful as a display attached to a computer.

The code is not complete and I am definitely open to contributions!!

Find the code at BitBucket:


  1. Hi, I just started watching your bitbucket project. By coincidence, I just bought this badge to make a build status monitor just like you are doing. I am very happy to find your code. Quick question: how did you figure out the communication protocol for the badge?

    1. Hi Eric,

      Initially I used a virtual serial port sniffer program (I can't remember which one - it was some time ago) and captured the data being sent to the device. The protocol is fairly simple, so it only took a few hours to reverse engineer the data being sent from the software that the manufacturer supplies.

      After reverse engineering it, I found some documentation and sample code was supplied by the manufacturer and can be downloaded from