Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orcon Genius wireless connection drops when using the phone

I am using the Orcon Genius, and so far have been pretty happy with the reduced telephone bill and features of the Genius.

However, I did run into an unusual problem where the wireless connection to my laptop would cut out whenever I answered an incoming call on the handset; surprisingly, outgoing calls did not affect the wireless connection.

After troubleshooting with the (very friendly) Orcon technician, the solution turned out to be to change the wireless channel setting from "Auto" to "6".

To do this, I:

  1. Pointed my browser at
  2. Entered my password (I believe the default is 'admin', but don't forget to change it) to log in.
  3. Clicked on "2. Set up my wireless".
  4. Set the drop down box to the right of "Channel" to 6.
  5. Clicked "Save settings".

Problem solved!


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