Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SSH client for .NET

I have been looking for a good, free, .NET SSH client. This SSH client seems to fit the bill.

I did, however, run into a problem where it appears that the state of the session is not preserved between calls. I will follow this up on the Codeplex page.

The following test fails:

public void ShouldMaintainSessionStateAcrossCommands()
    using (SshClient client = new SshClient("sssssss", "uuuuuuu", "ppppppp"))

        client.RunCommand("cd /tmp");
        string result = client.RunCommand("pwd").Result;

        Assert.AreEqual("/tmp", result);

EDIT: This is the issue I logged and the developer's response. It seems that this behaviour is "by design", which unfortunately means that there will not be a 'fix'.

The workaround would be to run all dependent commands separated by semicolons, although this is quite limiting in some situations.


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