Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trying a new keyboard layout

I am trying the Colemak keyboard layout because it seems to be a lot smarter than qwerty. Requirements of keyboards have moved on since the days of typrewriters...

Colemak seems to be a good candidate because it minimises the number of changed keys to make it easier to switch between the ubiquitous qwerty and Colemak.

To test my current speeds as a benchmark, I used an online speed test.

On 2 February, 2010, My qwerty speed was 61 WPM, and my Colemak speed was 9 WPM, while using the on-screen keyboard as a guide.

On 3 February, 2010, my Colemak speed was 10 WPM, without looking at the keys.

On 7 February, 2010, my Colemak speed was 15 WPM.

On 8 February, 2010, my Colemak speed was 19 WPM (with one mistake: missing the second 'e' of Hernecastle).


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